Live in Poland - Kirthy Iyer & James Rankin

dodano 2017-06-27 11:13:04
2017-07-26 20:00
Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant, Wrocław, ul. Oławska 13
od 20 zł [KUP BILET]
Kirthy Iyer, the Godfather of Comedy in Frankfurt, and James Rankin, one of the hottest comedians in Berlin, are coming at you LIVE IN POLAND for the first time on the former communist stage! This show features two dynamic new personalities on the Wrocław comedy scene who bring their unique international perspectives and their inimitable comic talents together in a show guaranteed to leave you laughing. Hosted by Wrocław's own Keelah Rose Calloway and featuring the intellectual comedy stylings of one of its freshest faces, Mr. Michał Płonka. ★ Wednesday 26th July 2017 ★ Pre-show drinks: 7pm ★ Show kick-off: 8pm ★ Entry 25/20zl Students ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★★★★★★★★★★★ Kirthy Iyer (IND) ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Born and raised in India, studied in Canada, and surviving in Germany" this international background makes Kirthy so special that even he wants to punch himself! However, after multiple black-eyes, Kirthy turned to stand-up comedy instead and not only has he been a crowd favourite on stage, he has also become founder of the ever growing English comedy scene in Frankfurt. A comic who does irritable, cynical and brutally honest riffs about anything and everything from his life. When not ranting on stage, Kirthy spends the majority of his time in his recluse, drawing comics, animating, writing stories and occasionally answering to bowel movements. Sup Comedy ★★★★★★★★★★★ James Rankin (AUS) ★★★★★★★★★★★ James Rankin is an Australian stand-up comedian who is currently performing all over Europe. He left his home town off the back of a successful run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, performing his hit show 'Be A Man' to thrilled audiences. James' brave and hilarious story-telling performance also earned him a television appearance as the feature artist of the Australian television show 'The KK Factor'. He also spent two-years as a writer and presenter on the Australian comedy radio program 'Retreating Laughs'. Having hit the stage in three different continents, James has now become a leading figure in the ever-expanding Berlin Comedy Scene, where he can be found performing, hosting and producing popular shows. ★★★★★ "His natural gift of finding comedy in real-life experiences is both captivating and hilarious." J-Air 87.8FM "hanging on his every word" weknowmelbourne.com.au "We couldn't stop laughing, it was laugh-a-minute" KK Factor (TV) April 2016 Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

World-Wide Comedy Presents...
Daniel-Ryan Spaulding
He´s Half Croatian, but lives in Holland. He used to live in Norway, but usually dates Swedish men. His favourite city is Berlin, but could easily live in Slovenia. He speaks French, but can only get booked on Bosnian talk shows... Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is EUROTRASH! Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is an internationally touring Canadian stand-up comedian who has performed in over 40 countries worldwide. Now based in Amsterdam, his show is a wild ride through the world of politics, sexuality, culture, identity, and the life of a young gay comedian in Europe. Brutal. Honest. Sexy. Hilarious! He hit viral fame with his youtube video "If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say" with nearly 2 million hits - and featured globally everywhere from Huffington Post, College Humor, Boing Boing, Cosmopolitan, and UpWorthy. "Brilliant, hilarious subversion" - Huffington Post "Intelligent, and above all very funny. His material is tight. His delivery is strong, and his timing is perfect." **** ScotsG Magazine (UK) www.danielryanspaulding.com www.youtube.com/danielryanspaulding Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

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